Turn Old T-Shirt into a DIY Cat Tent

Most people like to feed an animal in their home, but no any pets adorable more than a cat! The essential thing you need to remember that you should to have a closer relationship with the animal as much as possible. It’s become to your a best friend in the end!

Best friends should take care for each other and no any method that can allow you to show your love for it other than creating a comfortable bed that cat can rest in such as a DIY cat tent, one of the most fun DIY projects?

This article we will show you on how to make a perfect tent and let your cat keep stay in they’s new home all the time. Look nice?

A DIY Tent

Although your cat having your house as a home, you can also build another home in your home for your cat, but guess what? You do not need the materials that were used in your house! You only need some old one T-shirt and a few other some items as well as a free time.

DIY cat tent

Image by: Instructables

Materials Needed For The Tent:

  • A T-shirt.
  • A cardboard 15*15 inch.
  • Safety pins.
  • 2 Wire hangers.
  • Pliers.
  • Old cushion or a pillow.
  • A tape or an iron wire.

How Do You Make A DIY Tent?

Step 1: Cut the hangers.

This step you need to use the pliers. You should cut the two crooked ends of the hangers to make a frame.

Step 2: Shape the hangers and the cardboard.

Ensure that the hangers are smooth and have a curvy shape similar to a dome shape or an arch. The two hangers should have the same shape. The curvy shape enables the hangers to reach all the corners of the cardboard and underneath the box.

According to Jessyratfink say in the article “DIY Cat Tent”, if your cardboard has ridges, make it to straighten by taping the edges for firmness.

Step 3: Nudge holes in the cardboard corners.

You can make the holes by using the ends of the hanger. This is because the holes should not be so big. The distance between the holes and the edges should only be half an inch.

Step 4: Taping the hangers.

You can do this by traversing the two hangers at the centre and ensuring their ends touch the base. After this, taping them tightly using a tape or an iron wire.

Step 5: Adjust the conformation of the hangers.

To ensure your cat has enough space, you can modify the shape of the hangers depending on the size of your cat. But the greatest way is choosing the big hangers from the beginning.

Step 6: Bend the wire.

You should bend it not less than 3cm. at the lower surface of the hanger for it to be attached to the bottom of the cardboard.

Step 7: Taping the ends.

The taping should not be rough to avoid any obstacle while pulling in the T-shirt. You can also make adjustments on the wire using the pliers if necessary, just to ensure it maintains its dome shape.

Step 8: Pull the T-shirt on the frame.

The neck of the shirt should be at the centre in the front and the bottom part of the shirt should be at the lower surface of the frame. According to Suzy Strutner in her article, 3 Steps To Make A Cat Tent From An Old T-shirt, the hole of the t-shirt’s neck should be in front.

Step 9: Folding up the remaining part.

The extra part of the shirt should be folded and tightened up enough for the neck hole to be rigid. You should then tuck that part of the shirt in as you pin it all together. (I know you’d prefer cut the extra part, but it would be better not to cut it because it’s easier for cleaning).

Erins Animals created a video for explaining this step, you need to take a look;

Video by: ErinsAnimals

This tutorial of making a cat tent using a T-shirt step by step. It is very useful because it gives and explains in details the format practically. If you make a mistake, you can easily back to review the video and find out where you went wrong.

Step 10: Put the cushion or pillow (whichever) then surprise your cat!

Put the cushion or a pillow, whichever is up to you, so long as it fits with the tent, then call your cat to try the new bed! I am sure it will love it.

The Pros of a DIY cat tent

  1. It is easy to make because it only takes roughly 45 minutes and you no need special skill to make this tent plus you will be surprised, your cat will also help with the making! How cute?
  2. It is not costly to create because all of the materials it requires to build are readily available in your home. You are only required to part with one of your T-shirts!
  3. The tent brings more enjoy to your cat and it will love you even more. Who doesn’t want to be loved! That right?

Other DIY Projects

There are also other DIY projects that can be used to give your cat always sleeping on the bed such as a kitty teepee, although it mainly created for to give the cat a hiding spot. To create it, requires a twine, wooden dowels, safety pins and a blanket. It is also not so hard to build since it only takes a few minutes to set it up. If you are interested in this project, visit Apartment Therapy to see the process.


There is no better way to show your cat with love other than building it a resting place like a DIY tent which we just discussed above. It’s not only easy to make, but it also builds stronger bonds between you and your cat!