Tips to Make Easy Heated Outdoor Cat House

Winters result in your cats getting moody, annoyed and extremely cold. The weather affects the mood of cats just like it affects with yours. For the winter seasons, you need to extra care for your pet cat to ensure it stays warm and doesn’t contract any sort of disease. Cats suffer unbearably in the cold winters and making the outdoor shelters for these poor animals is a good idea.

If you have a pet cat and winters are coming, you might want to build a heated outdoor cat house for your favorite feline friend to ensure it stays warm throughout the cold season. Read our guide to getting inspired this winter on how to DIY cat house!

How to Turn Your Flowerpot into A Cat House?

Ever thought about converting one of your flowerpots from the yard into a cat house? Well, now you can do it in a jiffy. All you need to make this cat house is a Flowerpot and a plastic storage bin. This makeshift cat house is easy to make and does not require a lot of materials either.

Even if you are an amateur, this easy DIY Cat House guide will instruct you on how to make a warm and cozy home for your cats for the winter months. This step by step guide with pictorial representations helps you make an insulated cat house the easy and quick way.

Use Wood Pallets to Create A Mansion for Your Cat

Why not construct a stately mansion for your cats this winter to help them through the winter months? If you’re into carpentry and would like to take a serious project to make your pet cat happy, this DIY cat house project is made just for you! This entire cat house is made from Recycled Pallets that gives your cat’s house an elegant and stylish look.

heated outdoor cat house

Image: Kuo Darren

In addition, the wood pallets ensure that the cat house remains well-insulated and cozy so that your cat stays warm throughout the harsh winter season. It is also a great looking addition to your yard and blends in easily with the overall theme of your garden.

How to Make an Insulated, Straw-Lined Cat House?

It’s easier than ever to create DIY cat shelters for the winters using Styrofoam and linoleum tiles. You can even use latex deck paint to make your Cat’s House look cheerful and happy. It also helps seal the outside elements and prevents them from entering the cat house.

The addition of straws is a great idea as it ensures a lot of insulation inside the cat house. Fill the shelter with straw to create a cozy and warm bed for your feline friend.

The Best Way to Use A Picnic Cooler

A Picnic Cooler is not just only to keep beers and soft drinks chilled or to toss it in the basement when you do not require it. Once the beach season is over, why not convert your picnic cooler into a well-insulated house for your pet cat?

Blankets have been used for a long time to keep pets warm. However, try going for straw in this cat house as it is water-resistant and will ensure extra warmth inside the shelter. Learn how to DIY it easily on above link!


Now making a cat house is easier than ever. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money buying one, you can quickly DIY at home to make your cat happy. You can even add some lights in the heated outdoor cat house to make their shelter cheerful.