How to Properly Do Long Hair Cat Grooming

Long-haired cats are beautiful. Everyone wants to have a long-haired cat. However, the moment you bring that cat to your home, you simply sign up for a long-term commitment to cat grooming on a day-to-day basis because long hair cat grooming should be done daily.

Why Is Proper Cat Grooming Important?

So, why you should spend so much time grooming your long-haired cat? What’s in it for you?

Well, there are health and aesthetic reasons here. To start with, a well-groomed cat looks beautiful and adorable. But grooming goes beyond that.

Proper pet grooming is extremely vital in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for both the pet and the pet owner. WebMD recommends focusing on the cat’s fur, the eyes, ears, and the teeth as part of your normal pet grooming routine.

Pro Tips to Help You Groom Long Haired Cats

long hair cat grooming

There are a number of simple pro tips that can make long hair cat grooming an easy task for you:

  • Get the right toolsGrooming long haired cats requires specialized tools. Usually, a wire slicker brush will be the main tool. You will also need a finer-toothed comb, a flea comb, and an undercoat brush.
  • Start early – It’s always best to start grooming your cat at an early age. According to many vets, you can start grooming your cat as early as eight weeks.
  • Try and be gentle – It’s very important to keep the cat calm during grooming (CNN). If you are very close with your cat, you know just how exciting grooming time can be. Don’t ruin it by rushing through the process. Take your time and take it easy. Grooming should be an enjoyable time for the cat. It’s also easier to do a good job if you are gentle.

What Are The Benefits Of Cat Grooming?

There are a few great benefits that you will be giving your cat through proper grooming. First of all, grooming allows natural oils to distribute better across the cat’s skin. Regular grooming also allows pet owners to address tangles before they become mats.

With daily grooming, it’s also easy to check for parasites such as fleas and ticks. This ensures that your cat will remain healthy all the time. Grooming can also allow you to bond with your pet.

The few hours you spend grooming your cat will help create a deeper and more fulfilling bond with your pet.

Finally, remember that your cat will swallow less hair if you brush them more often. So if you don’t want to put the health of your cat at risk, you have no choice but to groom every day.

Grooming your long-haired cat has many benefits especially for pet owners who want to keep their cat healthy. Although daily cat grooming can be a little bit cumbersome, once you get used to it, you will enjoy every moment. The simple tips above will help you a lot.