Cats are like other animals It needs a food to survive. Although they can eat several of the food, but cats need more protein when compared to other mammals. This particular characteristic should be considered by the owner of the cat to allocate food to their cat.

If you don’t want your cat too fat you should have to take care about cat food every meal.


Contained in meat, fish and several types of nuts. Cats take advantage of each protein to use very different depend on the type of protein. Protein is very important for cats in terms of growth and health.


Generally cats need to eat carbohydrates, which they are present in sugar, starch and rice. To be useful in growing, producing their milk (female) and doing activities.


Cats need fat for energy or calories around 8%. Fat provides two times energy more than Carbohydrates and also have fatty acids, which are important for the nutrition and normal growth of cats.


There are many types of vitamins. It can help the body grow and help regulate the function of various organs. Each cat food will provide the different of vitamins.

Cat Food…

Good cat food is important for your cat’s health. The food that you give your cat to eat, whether it’s wet food, dry food, or cooking by yourself. The most important thing to consider is the nutritional value that your cat will receive. You have to take care to choose the appropriate age of the cat.

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