Cat Care

Good cat care is very important in keeping the cat healthy and happy. The more you know the habit of your favorite cat, If you know what it’s like to play? what it’s like to eat? It will make both you and your cat happy to live together much more. And you may don’t want to get away from your cat.

Litter Box

Buy only a large box, even though you have to pay a more. Cats will have more comfortable with a large box more than small box.

Medical Checkups

Consider its from the breed, a purebred cats from different breeds can have their own genetic problems to overcome.

Scratching Post

It is common behaviour of the cat that they like to scratch. You need to prepare scratching post at least 1-2 pieces to get them scratched it.

Tooth Brushing

You need a toothbrush and a toothpaste especially for the cats. Ask your a near home veterinarian about these.

Cat Toy…

Cat toys are another important thing for a cat. Cats have a natural instinct to chase other small animals such as rats, birds, lizards and etc. They also help prevent boredom and provide entertainment not only for the cat themselves, it also lets you laugh while you watch your cat play around your home.

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