You need to know about cat behavior in order to give your cat to communicate with you or the right training if you want to train them. For the relationship to be more effective and joyful.

You should know about how to take care your cat as well as how to deal with a variety of situations in relation to your cat.


Learn what the various vocalizations of your cat mean? what is the cat wanting to tell you? when in pain or distress and etc.


You need to prepare the sandbox for your cat, otherwise they will spray urine around the home.


The common behavior of cats that mean they will enables to mark their territory as well as stretch.


This is telling you about the difference between aggressive behavior and playfulness of your cat.

Cat Play …

Playing with a cat is a good way to make the bond with it and to learn about its behaviour and its personality. Let your cat scratch your leg and hurt you, then let him know you disapprove and say “No” with him.

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