All You Must Know About Cat Toilet Training

Cat toilet training has been slowly gaining relevance, more people are quite restless to get rid of the stinking litter box in their homes. However, you might want to rethink your options before settling on toilet training your cat. Only when you are fully equipped with all the information can you make an informed decision.

So, here we are going to do precisely that and delve a little bit deeper into the world of toilet training when it comes to your feline friend!

Stinking Litter Box

One of the many reasons why Toilet Training A Cat seems like an attractive alternative to pet owners is because of the awful smell of the litter box. Regardless of how much they adore their cats, it is obvious that no one wants to associate themselves with what comes out of the rear end of their cats.

However, what if we told you that litter boxes do not necessarily have to be all that smelly and messy? Ever thought about why your litter box stinks so much?

A very good reason is that it doesn’t get Cleaned And Scooped often enough. When you do not clean your cat’s litter box, think about how you’d about an unflushed toilet for a long time and back to restart! It takes only two scoops and scrubs a day to ensure an odor-free, clean litter box for your cat. Just a daily task and take your a little time.

Why Prefer A Litter Box Over Toilet Training Your Cat?

cat toilet training

Toilet training is not as incredible an alternative to Litter Box as it might sound. Toilet training pertains to your cat eliminating the wastes in a toilet (urine or feces). This means that you will not be able to keep track of the daily volume of the elimination habits of your cat.

An increase or decrease in the volume of your cat’s urine or feces can be a possible indication of a medical issue. More often than not, when it comes to your cat, early detection is essential to cure a possible disease. Therefore, to fix the problem in the bud so to speak, it is necessary that you need to select the litter box instead of choosing to toilet train your cat.

Why Not Toilet Train Your Cat?

In a nutshell, the reasons why you shouldn’t option for toilet training your cat are as under:

  • The natural instincts of a cat are usually to dig, eliminate and cover and everything that toilet training stands for the opposite of that.
  • There can be a lingering odor from the toilets because cats obviously cannot flush.
  • If you have multiple cats, they might have an objection to sharing the same toilet.
  • You cannot (not even by mistake) leave the toilet lid closed or that would force your cat to eliminate on the carpet.

Waste Elimination Should Be Stress-Free for Your Cat

Just like humans, the process of the Elimination Of Wastes should be a stress-free for your pet cat as well. A litter box is the closest thing to how your cat would prefer to relieve itself in the outdoors.

It’s undeniable, the natural instincts of digging, eliminating and covering up the wastes is a way to prevent predators from finding it. When you decide on toilet training your cat, you are basically making your cat feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.


Cat toilet training has been a hot topic amongst cat owners for a long time. While scooping up your cat’s remains might be giving you a headache, trust us; you do not want the additional misery that comes with toilet training your cat. So, we strongly recommend you forgot about toilet training for your cat since today.