What You Should Know About Sick Cat Symptoms?

Cats are very resilient pets. But they get sick too and if the issue is not addressed fast, it may have deadly consequences.

As a pet owner, you need to pay very close attention to your cat. After all, if health issues are detected sooner, they can be treated effectively.

What Are The Common Sick Cat Symptoms?

There are many common sick cat symptoms that you must keep an eye on. Symptoms can indicate serious health issues and should be taken seriously once they appear (WebMD).

However, in order to make this process easier for you, we have divided these symptoms into simple to understand categories:

Symptoms in the Ears

sick cat symptoms

Keep your eyes open for itching and redness around the ear. Wax build up and discharge are also important symptoms to look out for.

These symptoms could indicate that the cat has an ear infection, allergies, or ear mites. In worse case scenarios, it could suggest that there is a tumor that needs to be removed (PetCareRX).

What About the Eyes?

The eyes can pretty much tell you a lot about a cat’s health. Some red flags to look out for may include the following:

  • Discharge, redness and swelling of the eyes – This could indicate eye infection, dry eye, or some corneal disease.
  • Clouding of the eye – Could indicate eye defects or a tumor in worst case scenarios
  • Yellowing – Yellowing eyes symptom is also called Jaundice and it’s a common sick cat symptom. This could indicate that the cat has some liver issues, stem cell disorders or even heart issues.

Symptoms on the Mouth

Abnormal gum color is a common sick cat symptom. Pay attention to bad breath and bleeding on the gums too. Some cats may also have difficulty breathing or coughing.

In addition to this, drooling and difficulty in swallowing can also suggest that the cat has health problems. Finally, loss of appetite, vomiting, and hair loss should be a big concern too.

What Should You Do If You Notice Any of These Symptoms?

As soon as you notice any of these sick cat symptoms, the most obvious thing to do is to rush the cat to the vet. It could be something small that can be treated right away. However, sometimes these symptoms may indicate bigger issues.

Nonetheless, the attention of a veterinarian is going to be needed. Do not wait and hope that the cat will ride out the storm. Remember that cats can be very resilient. Even in cases where they are truly suffering, it might be very hard for you to tell. No need to take a chance. No matter how small an issue looks, have it checked just to be on the safe side.

There are so many symptoms that may suggest a cat is sick. The ones listed above are simply the most common ones. However, the best way to ensure that your cat is healthy all the time is to have it inspected by a vet regularly.