How To Go About Newborn Kitten Care?

What should you do if you find an orphan kitten? What care do you need to divest? How to feed it? The ideal thing for a newborn kitten is to be raised by its mother.

However, there are situations in which the cat cannot be responsible for her litter, for example, when the mother has died. In those cases, our performance will be very important.

If you find a litter or a newborn kitten, the first thing you should make sure is that the mother is not close. It would even be advisable to wait a long time to see if it returns. Whenever possible, the kitten should not be separated from its mother.

How To Identify The Age Of Kitten?

If the kitten is really alone, you should assess how old it is. An indicator that the kitten is small is that its eyes are still closed (they usually open at 7-14 days after birth).

The first month of the life of a kitten is essential and, without its mother, it can be very vulnerable, so we recommend that you follow the following tips for newborn kitten care.

Assess the Kitten’s Health and Give it Warmth.

If you find a kitten in the street, the first thing to do is to assess its state of health. For this, it would be better to go to a veterinarian to be advised on how to proceed. Both on the way to the vet and then at home, it is vital to keep the kitten at an adequate temperature.

As with humans, kittens at birth are not yet able to regulate their body temperature. This task is carried out by the mother and, in this case, we must offer them the same thing that their mother would do.

Until we can leave them in a suitable place at home, we can carry them in our arms, tucking them in and giving them our body heat.

How to Provide Them a Warm and Safe Space?

When we get home, it is important to offer the kitten a space in which it is comfortable, maintaining the body temperature it needs. To do this, you can use a box, a basket or something of this style that, if possible, is kept in a quiet place in the house but from where you can watch it.

Feeding the Newborn Kitten

As a mammal, the best food a Newborn Cat can receive is breast milk. If the possibility exists, it would be interesting to have a mother cat that has given birth and is willing to feed the orphan kitten. But this is usually complicated, and in order to do so, we must assess the health of both the mother cat and the kitten.

The most frequent in these cases is to offer special formula milk for kittens, also called formula milk. This special milk is bought in specialized stores, veterinary clinics or pharmacies. The important thing is NOT to give cow’s milk or dairy products for human consumption since its stomach is not prepared for it and could lead to dehydration and the death of the cat.

newborn kitten care

Until this special milk is available, lukewarm water can be administered with a dropper, to avoid dehydration, but ideally, start formula milk as soon as possible. It is also important not to be holding the kitten all the time, or we can hurt it. We must keep it in a place enabled to guarantee the temperature it needs.


Finally, it can be said that newborn kitten care is complicated since many times, they do not survive this first period of their life without their mother. But with some little insights on your part, you can care for it and see it grow.