How to Choose the Best Wellness Cat Food?

Looking for the best cat food? Worried that your cat isn’t looking as great as before? Just as human, beings have a food pyramid that guides us in what we should consume and in what portions to keep us healthy, each of the animal species also has its own kind of the food pyramid.

And your cat is no exception. It is important to consider that an inadequate intake of food could lead to complications such as diseases in the liver, kidneys and even growth of tumors in cats. This article will help you to choose the right wellness cat food, you will never miss anymore.

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat?

You will ask yourself, “What does my cat need to eat daily to stay healthy?” The first thing to remember is that cats are strictly carnivorous in nature. Their diet should be composed of a high level of animal proteins, since only these contain the essential Amino Acids for optimal health of your feline: Taurine, Arginine, Vitamin A, and Arachidonic Fatty Acid, among others.

That is to say that, a cat cannot consume a vegetarian diet without short or long-term suffering from malnutrition.

Being more specific, your cat should consume a total of 41 essential micronutrients every day. But do not despair when choosing food to buy your cat because here is a list of what the wellness food and what their Daily Diet should include!

What are The Nutrients in Cat Food?

The cat food must include with these nutrients:


As we highlighted earlier, proteins are vital for their proper development and, since they cannot be generated on their own, they must always be present in their diet. Proteins help in the formation of their muscles, skin, and fur.

Of course, they have to exclusively be of animal origin because only these contain the Amino Acids necessary for their proper growth. It is equally important to know which type of proteins to target in favor of the Feline’s Wellbeing.

When the protein is of low quality, it can cause liver and kidney damage in the future. For cats, fish is always more preferable than chicken and meat because fish have more source of omega fatty acids that are beneficial for the health of the heart, hair, skin, and eyes.


All living beings need fatty acids, and in the case of felines, it is their main source of energy. The most important are Linoleic Acid and Arachidonic Acid because felines cannot produce it on their own. However, the amount of their consumption varies depending on the age of the cat and its physical condition to avoid overweight and obesity.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Make sure that the food includes minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, and Magnesium, since these help in the formation and good functioning of the energy, bones, and nerves of your cat. Vitamin A, for example, is necessary for the growth and repair of the skin, while vitamin E protects the skin from damage and vitamin C helps heal wounds.

wellness cat food


In nature, felines obtain these nutrients and plant fiber by ingesting their complete prey. In concentrated cat food, they are supplanted with grains of rice or corn gluten, among several options.

A Little Additional Diet

In addition, to the above necessary nutrients that must be a part of their Daily Food Regimen, it is essential for a cat to receive a healthy dose of love from its owner as well. A happy cat is a healthy cat so making sure you shower your furry friend with a lot of love and care.


Were you stressed about buying the right food for your cat? Well, with this comprehensive guide, you now know the food groups essential for wellness cat food. Don’t forget to choose the right food for your feline since today onward.