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We’re Cat Stuff Information, and we’re all about cats. Like you, we love felines from nose to tail. We share the information you need to help your cat live a long, enjoyable life.

A happy cat leads a fulfilling life. A bored feline expresses that boredom through destructive play. We help you give your cat challenging, stimulating recreational opportunities.

Grooming plays an important role in helping your cat avoid hairballs and maintain a beautiful appearance. We show you the right ways to promote your cat’s good looks.

Good nutrition promotes good health. We show you how to choose the right diet for your feline.

From breed information to tips for setting up an ideal feline living space, we have the insights you need.

Look to cat stuff information for all the tips, suggestions, and tricks you need for an enduring, loving relationship with your feline companion.

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  • We want to be your primary resource for timely advice that helps you understand your cat and make life rewarding for both of you.
  • We provide insights you can use to anticipate health problems before they arise and maintain your cat’s well being.
  • We help you enhance your relationship with your cat and enjoy your life together.

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